No One Does Wholesale Office Supplies Like Us

Whatever you need to create a workspace environment that speaks to your brand’s identity, Boxed has you covered with the widest selection of wholesale office supplies. Best of all, you’ll be able to save money when buying your favorite items in bulk. All that extra change could lead to some more interesting company adventures, possibly a company retreat? Not only do we provide your must-have items for the office, but we remove the inconvenience of having to enter a physical store and save you a few extra steps. No more searching aisles for the products you need but can’t find, waiting in line with no cashiers open and the self-serve not working, then lugging all the items into your car, bringing them into the office, and finally stocking your shelves. At Boxed, we provide your items straight to your door, hassle-free so you can get back to doing what you do.

There’s Never Enough Spoons

It seems that around the office, the plastic spoons, forks, sporks, and knives are always disappearing. As soon as they’re placed in the office cupboard along with the paper plates and bowls, coffee cups, plastic water cups, paper towels, they’re just gone like they got sucked into a blackhole. Lucky for you, we always provide our items in bulk and as soon as you fear the disappearing act of your kitchenware, look no further!

Never Enough Batteries

The wireless mouse requires batteries and everyone tends to leave them on all day, not realizing that’s why their battery goes down so quickly. Have no fear — we carry a wide variety of batteries from the brands you know and trust, at more affordable prices. No longer will your office electronics give out by the end of the week. Let your electronics do what they’re meant to do, without interruption. We also carry portable chargers, so again, one less worry a day.

Never Run Out Of Writing Implements!

The office is an abyss for missing writing utensils. Every week, pens, pencils, and markers go missing, but you can prevent that by utilizing our myriad of online wholesale office supplies. Let employees continue to write notes during meetings or engage others during weekly presentations. If you’re eager to mail a letter (for accounting purposes, of course) — we even carry strip and seal envelopes. Looking to entice employees with a creative team bonding project? Simple! Add construction paper, markers, and tape to the mix and let the creative juices go. It may even provide you with the blueprints for your next million dollar idea.

Boxed is your one stop online shop for high quality office supplies at affordable prices. Let’s work together to get your office back in order.