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Feb 4 · 3 min read

Whenever you want to have something delivered safe and intact, cardboard boxes are the best choice. These boxes are made up of several layers thus ensuring the protection of the enclosed product.

These are best for shipping purpose because of their ability to bear jolts. Also, these boxes don’t weigh much. A great thing about using cardboard boxes is that they are easily affordable and accessible. You can find them anywhere like in small shops, markets, or industries.

While choosing the cardboard boxes for your shipping purpose, you might have to choose between the ones with lid and the ones without it. Cardboard boxes with lid are surely the best choice when it comes to presentation, safety, and a better experience.

We have summoned here a few of the reasons that will convince you to choose cardboard boxes with lids:

Better Presentation

What’s better than a closed box with a surprise in it? If you have chosen the box without the lid on it, it might ruin all the surprise and the experience of the receiver. A beautifully closed box represents a complete package with the sense of protection. It’s rare for any receiver to like the package with the cardboard without a lid.

Light Weight

Choosing the cardboard is a wise decision as these boxes have minimal weight. It makes them for the shipping. Also, when you add the lid to these boxes, it doesn’t add much to the weight but it does give a finishing look. It makes it easy to carry the product anywhere and to transport it easily thus reducing the energy usage and cost.


When it comes to safe transport, the cardboard box without lid doesn’t serve well. Without lid, it might leave the product inside vulnerable to any sort of dust and pollution. In this case, the customer might not get the required product which will ruin their experience. The cardboard boxes with lid are the best choice when you want your product to reach the customer neat and clean.

Cost Effectiveness

When it comes to choosing between the cardboard boxes with the lid or without, you might feel like lid will cost you much. But that’s not the case. Adding the lid to your custom cardboard boxes won’t add much to your cost. Instead, you will see the cost is nothing as compared to the benefit you get from doing this.


A good thing about cardboard boxes with lid is that you can find them anywhere. You will find them in stores, big or small shops, industries, factories and even in normal markets. So, if you about to purchase these boxes, you won’t have to go too much far for it. You will find them easily in your nearest store.

Easy To Store

When it’s time to reduce the space, these cardboard boxes play a significant role. These boxes can easily be folded and stored in any place you want. However, keeping the 9 inch pie boxes with lid stored helps a lot in future as well. You can easily use them for packing any product with safety.

Using cardboard boxes with lid has numerous advantages which lead to the positive customer experience. So, what are you going to choose for yourself?

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