Visionary Blockchain Pioneer Peter Vessenes Visits BOX Foundation

Leon Shang, CEO of BOX, with Peter

Yesterday, the 8th of November, Peter Vessenes, the influential American Blockchain expert and pioneer, paid a visit to BOX Foundation to organize his private sharing event towards the crypto field.

Peter Vessenes is the co-founder, executive director and chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation. He founded CoinLab Inc, the first Bitcoin venture capital firm in 2011, and consulted with the US Treasury, FinCEN and other groups on Bitcoin technology. He also introduced Bitcoin to major US law firms such as Perkins Coie and promoted legal practices and became a trusted adviser to the Big Four accounting firms, Deloitte, as well as many venture capital firms followed by founding New Alchemy in 2016, a consulting firm focused on providing smart contract security services.

Peter’s contributions to the crypto foundations and cryptography, as well as his motivation to innovation, have had a positive impact on the Bitcoin community and the Blockchain technology industry. Now, Peter focuses on global financial openness, how token technology can be combined with Blockchain technology to fundamentally improve the lives of people around the world.

“I foresee a world without any obstacles to global finance, it will be a better world, a world where I am willing to live,”
Vessenes said.

Leon Shang, CEO of BOX Foundation, offered a warm reception to Peter’s international visit by taking him and his crews to a decent lunch.

Following an in-depth conversion between each other, Peter revealed his interest in BOX project, and reached a consensus with Leon regarding security aspect because both of them are focusing on creating and developing highly-secure solutions to the Blockchain.

Subsequently, Peter visited BOX’s office and delivered hours-long and insightful speech for his private sharing event within the BOX coffee room with the attendance of plenty of experts from all walks of life. Peter shared his past entrepreneurial experiences, investment, and other types of advantageous recommendations about Blockchain to the audiences.

As the brand partner of this private sharing event, Leon recognized the expertise, experiences and achievements that Peter had accomplished, likewise, Peter also claimed that he is very optimistic about the BOX project. For the long term, BOX and Peter will have more cooperation.