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Tier 1 BMR and BMP Land

Land Use-Cases

  1. Lands will help sustain your health and energy consumption while mining.
    For example, a Tier 1 BMP Land will produce enough BMP to sustain your account up to level 10. Consumption and token earnings can be seen in the attached image at the bottom of this article.
  2. Landowners can claim tokens hourly (or whenever they like) and a chance at free loot weekly.
  3. Upgradable using characters (earns bonuses).

Land Staking

Important: To earn tokens, land staking will become mandatory on the 28th January 2023

Staking Links:

How do new players get land?

Requirement: 1 x Adventurer (staked)
When you own and stake an adventurer, you unlock the Adventurer Mode.
Every 24 hours you can stake your adventurer in-game, after 24 hours you will have an option to return him home (at the cost of 1 x Box Maze World Coin), he returns with the chance of an orb or small amounts of tokens. Adventurer Mode players can collect Orbs to take part in pre-minted weekly blends to stand a chance of earning Land! Learn More about The Adventurer Update!

Land Tiers (Requires Land)

Base Token Earnings per Tier

Tiers can be increased by combining lands together.
The higher your land tier, the more tokens you earn in land airdrops.
Tier 1–3 are obtainable in our land packs while tier 4 and higher are only obtainable by upgrading your existing land. To upgrade your land to the next tier you will need to blend it along with another land of the same resource type.

For example:

  • 2 x Tier 1 BMP Lands = 1 x Tier 2 BMP Land
  • 1 x Tier 2 BMR Land + 1 x Tier 1 BMR Land = 1 x Tier 3 BMR Land.
  • And so forth up until Tier 10 Land.

Land Tier Upgrades are available at:
BMP Land Tier Upgrades
BMR Land Tier Upgrades

Land Stages (Requires an Adventurer and Land)

Tier 1 | Stage 1 Land unlocks additional rewards
Bonuses are earned when a player burns an Adventurer into their Land!

Stages can be increased by adding civilization roles such as The Adventurer to your land.
The higher your land stage, the more bonuses you earn.

Stage 1 Land Upgrade.
1 x Adventurer
1 x Land (BMP or BMR)
The Adventurer and Land will be burnt and a new Land NFT will be issued to your account.
Increases Land productivity by 10%.
Increased chance at orbs.

Land Stage Upgrades are available at:
BMP Land Stage Upgrades
BMR Land Stage Upgrades

Land Themes (Requires Themed Upgrade)

Halloween 2022 Land Upgrade

Annual bonuses are earned when burning a Themed Land Upgrade to your Land!!

The Benefits: 1. 2 x all October land earnings every year (Dropped on Halloween night). 2. Bonus Pumpkins (Dropped on Halloween night) Note: We will use the same Pumpkins for next year’s Halloween.

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Box Maze World

Box Maze World is based on a burn 2 earn power level system. The higher your power level the more you earn.