5 Ways To Make Great Coffee Everywhere

Planning an adventure soon? All too often travelers are weary from the “standard” coffee found in trains, planes, hotels and more — there’s nothing worse than a layover or dirty room especially when the coffee also is disappointing. Our goal with this list is to provide you with easy to find travel coffee makers to ensure your adventures don’t suck… well the coffee part at least.


Being made of plastic, the Aeropress is our top pick for travel friendliness. Because it doesn’t have any metal, batteries (like some of the following), or small bits and pieces that can break it can be packed in a backpack easily without taking up all of your space.

Pros: Lightweight and durable, makes a great cup of coffee, easy to clean.

Cons: Requires grinder (or ground beans), hot water source.


If you’re into espresso, and need a quick double shot to keep your blood pumping, this one is your best bet. Compact enough (and there’s an option for a protective carrying case) the Minipresso GR is designed to allow you a hot espresso pull from anywhere. It does have some small components that could cause an issue, but they fold and store nicely. This one does come with it’s own storage for ground beans, and a small cup to enjoy from.

Pros: Makes espresso on the go. Easy to use, and can be setup before your outing. Has a cup with it.

Cons: Requires fine ground beans and hot water source.


For the urban explorer, the Presse by Bobble is a great one — because it is what it sounds like: A french press “to go”. We call this one a top travel coffee maker because you could carry it along and easily make a larger cup of press coffee while you’re out of your own home, and it won’t shatter like most glass at-home french presses. It’s heavier than most others, but durable — and would be a welcome addition to that ski hut next winter.

Pros: Durable, makes more coffee than the others in this list, would be a great suitcase addition. Cheapest option here too ;)

Cons: Not necessarily ‘hike/backpack’ friendly. Requires hot water and ground beans.


This one is a doozy. It’s the largest of these coffee makers, but it does have a unique feature which earns the Mojoe stripes on this list. You’re in the middle of Kazakstan, you’ve got some water in a bottle, some beans ground up, but nothing else. The Mojoe would save you — not because it knows where you are, but because it can heat the water to brewing temp, and then pump out some fresh java. That’s right. It’s a pour-and-go solution.

Pros: Heats water up, is a cup, all you need is ground beans.

Cons: Quite large, possibly not allowed on flights carried-on (they say it is, it doesn’t seem like it to us), still requires ground beans.


We’re getting antsy to travel now, even though we’ve only selected 5 coffee makers for this list. The Cafflano Klassic is another modern concept in coffee making, which incorporates as many of the required coffee brewing tools as possible. To put it bluntly, the Cafflano has everything you need for a good cup of pour-over coffee from whole-bean to drinking, except for the hot water.

Pros: Has a bean hand-grinder, cup, filter, lid, and is quite compact. Easily packable and is the only travel coffee maker that has built in bean grinder (suuuuper huge!)

Cons: Still needs hot water, many many moving parts that could fail or get lost.

Ok, enough reading! Get out there and try these 5 awesome coffee brewers out! Did we miss anything? Let us know on Instagram by tagging us @Boxocoffee

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