Castbox Blockchain Solution to Monetize Podcasting

Podcasting has become a popular media source. The problem is that content creators aren’t making much money on their work. Castbox has been a leading platform for podcasting. Now the Castbox blockchain platform, Box Of Data, may help podcasters make more from their hard work.

Podcasting superstars like Joe Rogan have no problem making money from their show. Many podcasters who don’t have the same kind of recognition aren’t in a similar position. The Castbox blockchain solution to this problem will take the form of a new platform.Box Of Data is a one-stop shop for premium podcasting content.

Castbox blockchain innovation could change the game

Castbox CEO Renee Wang sees micropayment as a great way to help podcasters get paid for their work. She had this to say to TechCrunch recently, “Box Of Data is a blockchain-based infrastructure for the digital content industry,” and went on to add that, “The existing model is broken. Creators are not getting what they deserve and consumers are not getting a reward for engaging with content.”

Castbox is dedicated to making podcasting work for both creators and consumers. They are well aware of the fact that many podcasters make little or no money. The company had this to say about the situation, “Castbox addresses this issue by consolidating the cumbersome subscription process into a single platform where users can discover, unlock, and consume premium content without leaving the app.”

Micropayments make sense

The Castbox blockchain platform has some unique advantages. Micropayments are a big part of why blockchain can make such a difference for content creators. Instead of podcast listeners passively consuming content, they become a part of the distribution process.

Ms. Wang went on to detail how the Castbox blockchain platform is a radical departure from any other system, “With blockchain, this small micropayment system, you can make are all of the investors who invest at the very beginning, before the show is created, they can get their portion,” and also that, “It lets listeners become investors. They have more responsibility to share and distribute the show, because they are also the investor in the show. It incentivizes these behaviors.”

Castbox blockchain isn’t the only micropayment platform out there. Walmart is looking at a similar platform to make the electric grid more efficient. The goals that Castbox and Walmart have are different. When devices or consumers can effectively make small payments, incredible new ways to connect should be possible.