So you know what products can (or can’t !) be part of your box and how you can combine them ; now you just need to go hunting suppliers… We’ll give you some tips to make your suppliers come to you proactively ! Is this the life or what? ;)

Here is a list of places where you can find products.

E-commerce giants

Now it’s time to put what you learnt into practice. You know your niche market by heart, it will be child’s play. Most of the time you will find your niche products in a catalog’s subsection of major e-shopping…

Here begins a 2 part blog post. We’re about to teach you the right way to process your procurement. Finding good products and reliable suppliers is every subscription box entrepreneur nightmare ! Let us help you…

What does “products procurement” mean exactly ?

Well, it’s a set of actions you have to do and to organize to fill your boxes with great products ! You have to avoid mistakes at every step. Once you managed to do your procurement properly, you’re ready to assemble your products in your boxes in a logical package and the way you want to plan your invoices.

You’re about to discover :

Last week, we spoke about the importance of email marketing for your business: it’s an effective way to attract, engage and retain your subscribers.

Today, we’re talking about the actual setup of the strategy: how to send emails, how to target the right people at the right time and how to make sure to create effective emails.

1. How to grow your email list and choose your emailing software.

Let’s start with the beginning: to send emails, you need emails (duh) and a software to send them with.

As a first base, you can start with the emails of your current subscribers, that you already have collected. …

Emails might have existed for a while (or for all your life if you’re a Millennial) but it is still one of the most — if not the most — profitable marketing technique!

For e-commerces and brick-and-mortar businesses, email marketing tends to have a Return On Investment superior to 300% according to EmailMonday. No, not 30%. 300%.

Email marketing is indeed a great tool in the “Know, Like, Trust” marketing process that states that for people to buy from you, they need to first know you, like you and then trust you. …

Christmas is around the corner! We’re thinking meal preparation, guest list confirmation and, of course, the relentless race to get gifts.

In between two lines at the cash register of a shop, you might have noticed that some of them offer gift cards. You know, these prepaid cards you buy for someone when you’d rather have them choose their gift?

Well, it turns out, gift cards are great for physical shops, but also for your box business!

1. It’s convenient for the buyer

We’ve all been there: we must find a gift for someone, but don’t know what to get them. …

What if I told you there was a better way than to design, produce and market your box and then anxiously wait to see how its sales go? A much simpler, faster, cheaper and overall more effective way to do all of this and make your box successful.

It’s asking your ideal subscribers what they’d like. Yep, it’s that simple. Ask them for their feedback at each development milestone of your box:

  1. When you first have the idea
  2. When you craft your offer
  3. When you put together your prototyped box

By asking your potential clients what they want, you make…

“Benchmarking” is a word we’ve all heard but few of us really know what it means. Put simply, benchmarking consists in having a close look at your market and researching and analyzing your competitors’ offers.

It’s knowing which offers already exist in order to better position your box. When you start a business or a new project, it should be amongst the first things you do — before any kind of planning or marketing.

Why is it so important?

Benchmarking confirms you have a market

First and foremost, benchmarking is important because it helps validating your business idea. Finding out you have competitors, contrary to common…

When you’re the owner of a box business, you need to pay attention to both your subscribers and your providers. If one of these two parts isn’t satisfied, the other will likely suffer from it:

  • With less subscribers, you’ll have less leverage to negotiate with your providers;
  • With unsatisfied providers, you’ll have lesser quality products to offer to your subscribers.

You get it, it is a vicious circle. But it can also become a virtuous one! …


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