Celebrating Mother’s Day With 15 Superb Mom Sellers on Etsy

Jessica Lange once said, “The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children.” But with great power comes great responsibility. In this case that evidently means you must be a good juggler. You must know how to balance your work as well as personal life with children wisely.Two or three decades ago, the scenario was different when moms weren’t as workaholic as they are now. So we thought why not give our Mother’s Day tribute to some of the coolest Mom Sellers on Etsy we’ve discovered. Apart from being amazing mothers, they are all from the beautiful world of creativity.

Yael Falk, Store Owner of Yoola

What makes Yael’s work tick is the unique use of color and design. She’s a mom of twins and is renowned for creating amazing crochet jewelry on her Etsy Shop.

Linda Boyer, Store Owner of FlirtyDivaTees

What started as a small t-shirt selling business at a craft fair way back in 2006 has now become a quite popular on Etsy. The collection is amazing and you’ll find something for every occasion you come across.

Caroline Fisermanis, Store Owner of fizzyclaret

It was when she was pregnant with her little girl that the inner artist in her burst out. Her sculptures and jewelry with polymer clay is clear proof of her creativity.

Nodsu, Shop Owner of Nodsu

If you like needle felting, you can’t overlook Nodsu’s work. They are cute, whimsical and give your everyday goods a nice twist.

Kate Lassila, Shop Owner of Rootiebirds

She plays with metals, gemstones and crystals in a beautiful way, thus giving your jewelry a totally fresh look and design. Outstanding work that deserve a special mention.

Jenn, Shop Owner of JennabooBoutique

Originally started with collections for her own daughter’s nursery, Jenn has now expanded her shop into featuring nursery decor, tutus and princess decor. They are sweet and will definitely make you feel like going back to those childhood years.

Brandi, Shop Owner of PuurBody

Mother to five kids, Brandi has been selling amazing Vegan Natural Deodorant, Handmade Hot Process Soap, Hemp Lotion, Body Butter, Pure Soy Candles, Shea Butter Lip Balm and Custom Wedding Favors on Etsy. The number of sales will tell you how popular a seller she is.

Carrie, Shop Owner of curiouscarrie

A stay at home mom, Carrie has been creating super cool soy candles, mason jars and air fresheners. Her collection is very neat and has a fresh touch of art.

Julie Tarampi, Shop Owner of JulemiJewelry

She’s a jewelry seller on Etsy and her creations have a certain quirky approach in design. This is what makes all her items out of the box and unusually elegant.

Katherine, Shop Owner of DazzleDream

Ethnic bead jewelry maker whose collection has a vibrancy of its own. You’ll love seeing her bracelets for sure.

Kelly Barth, Shop Owner of Cabooties

She makes baby goods all day long and stays with her son at home. A mother who has made selling blend beautifully with her everyday life.

Sarah Jane, Shop Owner of SarahJanestudios

Shop for art prints, embroidery patterns, paper dolls, puppet theaters, and jewelry! Her shop is loaded with pretty things you can accommodate sometime in your life.

Shop Owner of candicenkatiesart

A mother who fought her hard times by selling goods for children. You can read her story on her store’s page and discover why she deserves a special mention this Mother’s Day!

Amber, Shop Owner of AddictiveCosmetics

Just because she wasn’t able to spend time for her kids and family, she sold her business and followed her passion for MakeUp and Artistry. Salute!

Heidi Dankers, Shop Owner of ChunkBabyJunk

She designs much useful sippy cup straps to avoid your toddlers from them around. Inspiration came from her oldest son who was notorious for throwing his sippy cup nonstop at meal time.

We salute all of you and wish you have a great life as a mother. Cheers to Motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Originally published at blog.boxtiq.com on May 7, 2015.

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