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  • stephanie lindquist

    stephanie lindquist

  • chilimango


  • Brian DeKoning

    Brian DeKoning

    Director of social strategy @rakacreative. NH native. Successfully (so far) reproduced twice.

  • cool dept.

    cool dept.

    Digital Graphics & Interactive Design Studio in Toronto, Canada.

  • Sherry Nouraini

    Sherry Nouraini

    Founder/President @CaptiveTouch and Open Social Media Initiative, Social Media Marketing Instructor at UCSD Extension, Biology Instructor at SD City College

  • Jeremy Roberts

    Jeremy Roberts

    Husband | Dad x3 | VP, Customer Experience at HiringSolved | Recruiting & Sourcing Pro | Coffee Lover | Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT)

  • Ron Pragides

    Ron Pragides

    VP Engineering at @Trustly. Led pre-IPO teams at @BigCommerce @Twitter @Salesforce. Follow me on twitter: @mrp

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