Highlighting 15 Contemporary Jewelry Collection From Online Jewelry Sellers

One look at the online jewelry stores will tell you how versatile this industry has become today. With marketplaces like Etsy, creative jewelry artists now have a chance to make their unconventional ideas take shape into reality which is a big boost up for the online jewelry collection we have around. From concepts like steampunk, sterling silver, hemp and crochet coming up in the way you accessorize yourself, wearing jewelries is a lot of fun now that we have such diversity in design and creative thinking. While branded jewelry items have been doing good rounds in sales, the independent artisan world has not been doing too bad either. A lot of the credit for which goes to marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, Storenvy etc. which have made this separate industry of handmade designs come out into the limelight and make the art of jewelry selling a bit more easy and unique for both buyers and sellers.

Now to make your jewelry store profit in this world of independent artists, it’s necessary to make your products as well as the way you present your store stand out from the lot. Just like Ann Demeulemeester says, “Jewelry is something that has to do with emotion”, it’s vital for you to bring out that aspect through the jewelry designs that should be both gorgeous as well as unique in terms of presentation and conceptual build. When speaking of making more money on Etsy, hand-crafted jewelry seller Mu-Yin Mollie Chen said on Inc, “A lot of the most successful Etsy sellers not only hand-make their stuff; they also make it special. For example, maybe you crochet and you want to sell it. But a lot of people crochet. You have to think: why would customers want to buy from you? The more special your product is, the more likely people will buy only from you.” It’s not just about setting up a store, it’s about presenting your products in a way which will make the customers purchase without a second thought. Product photography plays an important role in this [a separate upcoming discussion on our blog] and these shops we’ll be highlighting next have done it wonderfully. We picked up 15 contemporary jewelry items from online stores we found worth sharing for their design and beautiful presentation. Have a look:

Chunky Glass Heart Earrings by Etsy Store Blissful Vine

These extra large turquoise heart shaped earrings have swirls of pink in the glass and a small blush pink glass bead on top and silver bead below. The Etsy store is filled with such traditional and shabby chic jewelry creations which range from earrings, necklaces, bracelets etc. Customized artisan jewelry worth admiring.

Price: $14

Vintage Spoon Necklace by Etsy Store TuscanRoad

The most interesting aspect of this necklace is the vintage soup spoon base. It is topped with a vintage watchface surrounded with a string of rhinestones. To make the piece even more adorable, there’s a tiny Frozen Charlotte doll head rest on top. The Etsy store is a mixture of handmade artisan and vintage finds that has been beautifully merged as everyday jewelry wear for those who have an eye for vintage goods.

Price: $32

Steampunk Necklace by Etsy Store LondonParticulars

It is a pretty amalgamation of industrial steampunk design with a stylish feminine angle that can make a brilliant addition to your wardrobe. The neck piece has been made with a Vintage Ruby Jeweled Watch Movement accented with red Swarovski Crystals mounted upon a Silver Plated Brass Victorian Stamped Tag made from Vintage Tooling. For those who have a special inclination towards Gothic inspired jewelry, this is a store you must visit on Etsy.

Price: $55

Handmade Triangle Chain Earrings by Celestial Creations 4U

These handmade earrings are made using chain and acrylic and has a sterling silver plated nickel free earring back. The design is neat and simple thus making a good collection for those who do not prefer their earrings to be too gaudy or extravagant. The store is a lovely abode of one-of-a-kind, quality jewelry pieces with new additions coming up every now and then.

Price: $10

Mother Daughter Bracelet Set by Etsy Shop BullingtonBaby

Both the bracelets are made with Swarovski’s crystals and pearls, along with sterling silver letter blocks and antique silver heishi spacers. The Etsy store specializes in selling handcrafted baby jewelry. You can customize the bracelets with your baby’s name initials and present your little ones with unique jewelry finds from this awesome store.

Price: $34

Owl Necklace by Etsy Shop DoodieBear

This neck piece has a vibrant owl pendant strung on a lovely silver chain. All jewelry from this Etsy store has a unique touch of design which make them suitable for daily use. You can either choose to own them yourself or wrap them up as the next gift you give your jewelry loving friend.

Price: $10

Stackable Sparkle Bracelet by Flawed Perfection Jewelry

Stackable bracelets are a fun to have for those who love jazzy brightness on their wrists and this features bicone SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS too. The crystals used in crafting it go the entire length of the bracelet so that it covers your entire wrist and makes for a good option to wear everytime there’s a party in town. You can stack them and make the look more versatile with the other bracelets from the shop as well.

Price: $44

Steampunk Bracelet by Etsy Shop additionsstyle

It’s a steampunk mixed meta bracelet which has been created with copper, brass, black and steel 5/8″ (1.4 cm) washers that are topped with a 1/2″ (1.2 cm) lock washer. The Etsy store specializes in making jewelry out of recycled and upcycled hardware, each of which has an elegance of its own.

Price: $15

Birds on a Wire Sterling Silver by Etsy Shop bluebirddesignsshop

The necklace has been handcrafted with 100% recycled sterling silver, with an enamel inlay. It has been hung from a sterling silver chain and can be used as a daily wear. The store features handcrafted sterling silver, enamel, and gemstone jewelry and uses 100% recycled silver out of which 1% of profit is donated to Wildlife Funds.

Price: $65

Halloween Necklace by Etsy Shop 2VintageGypsies

This is a spider web bib necklace which is especially made to suit the upcoming Halloween spirit. The skull is a vintage glass cabochon and the beads are black glass. The jewelry collection from this store has a vintage spark and steampunk approach in the way they manufacture their jewelries.

Price: $38

Silk Wrap Bracelet by Etsy Shop mmartiniuk

This bracelet is made with an indie designer metallic multi color copper raku pottery leaf focal in the center with the addition of a brass dragonfly charm hanging from the center of the silk. The leaves are made using real leaves from nature that are pressed into the clay for a perfect representation of our organic environment. The Etsy store specializes in aromatherapy jewelry and unique fashion accessories.

Price: $36

Cordelia Braided Set Bracelet and Necklace by Etsy Shop MadilaHandmade

This is an recycled piece made from leftover, cotton jerseys, from the fashion industry. Thy are then processed into yarn, and so can be used again for knitting, crocheting and weaving. The materials comprise of 92% cotton and 8% elastic fiber. Every set of jewelry available on this shop is made from recycled yarn.

Price: $26.61

Turquoise and Coral Seed Bead Necklace by Etsy Shop ABeadInTimeJewelry

This necklace is triple stranded, and is made with coral-colored and turquoise-colored seed beads and sterling silver beads. The necklace has black leather, black brass chain, and a lobster claw clasp. Every jewelry piece is beautifully photographed and displayed on the Etsy shop.

Price: $32

Handmade Double Heart Bracelet by Etsy Shop BookWyrmsCreations

It is a bracelet which is considered versatile and can also be extended with a Christmas charm during the festive season. They are faux suede bracelets which have been topped with the heart charms and makes for a wonderful accessory you could wear everyday.

Price: $7.75

Silver Wishbone Inspired Pendant by Etsy Shop LovelyDeerHomeware

The handcrafted pendant is made from silver wire and is a charming piece for those who prefer simple yet eye-catching jewelry designs in the way they style themselves. Every jewelry piece found in the Etsy store has that touch of simplicity molded with a modern design.

Price: $40.87

Those were just few of the shops we could highlight in this roundup. Stay tuned for more versatile roundups in jewelry and other handmade crafts coming up soon in the blog. We love handmade!

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Originally published at blog.boxtiq.com on September 17, 2014.

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