Learning the Art of Selling Handmade Leather Goods From Online Stores The Kinsale Leather and Filzstueck

As predicted by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization in their leather future trends report, ” The leather and leather products industry plays a prominent role in the world’s economy, with an estimated global trade value of approximately US$100 billion per year.” Undoubtedly, it can be said that leather goods are one of the most traded commodities around the world. This ranges from various innovative products such as handbags, footwear to clothing and accessories. Etsy alone has a wide range of leather items on sale which not only rule in terms of design but also as durable utility devices for your everyday lifestyle. With such a stunning range of leather products already available in the online market, it’s definitely worth saying that creating exquisite handicrafts out of leather is one of the widest explored categories amongst handmade manufacturers.

Our recent interview with two popular leather goods online stores The Kinsale Leather and Filzstueck gave us insights on how this unique style of selling handmade products have become a profitable business for online sellers today. Here’s a look into some of the most useful tips you could take back and enhance your tactics in selling leather goods online.

The Kinsale Leather

Born in March 2014 as an extension to the former accessories business Zip it & Hide, The Kinsale Leather showcases a unique style in selling handmade leather accessories with special concentration on branding and photography.

While going through their store and after the interview with founder Deirdre Mangan, we found some interesting techniques and considerations worth taking when setting up an online store:

  • Firstly, what makes The Kinsale Leather attractive for buyers is the fact that the store concentrates entirely on selling unique handmade leather accessories with a special sense of style and feel for its users. As mentioned by founder Dee during the interview, she believes that by selling such unique products where you can actually tie the product back to a specific person or family which, it raises the overall satisfaction when buying the products. The quality of the product is without a doubt important but what makes it even more alluring is if you can attach a uniqueness in the way you create each piece, where each item can differ ever so slightly.
  • The store has concentrated on selling handbags lately which is a perfect accessory to buy online since it doesn’t necessarily require trying on. The look and feel for each piece is unique and the pricing is very reasonable which is quite refreshing for this market that often sees some very expensive bags.
  • The designs are not too jazzy yet very classic in the way it looks; they are elegant and simple at the same time. Dee frowns upon designs that are too glitzy with unnecessary buckles. It’s worthwhile to consider not over-decorating your leather accessories and focus on creating simple designs that are worth glancing twice.
  • When asked on leather care tips, Dee told us that she prefers natural aging of leather which is a beautiful process that doesn’t need too much attention from you. Just make sure to keep the leather products out of the sun. Leather cleaners are good in terms of keeping those temporary dirt and filth away.
  • While browsing the site, it’s worth mentioning that the individual product listings are nicely presented with striking product photography and well explained descriptions going. The payment options are properly described with easy shopping facilities — a must-have for every store out there because if you don’t handle these small yet important necessities, promoting an online store becomes more difficult to achieve.
  • Lastly, the store has a neat social media presence across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram which is well updated. Social Commerce is the next stage of online shopping and The Kinsale Leather definitely knows how to handle it well.

Some of their latest products we love:

Alabama Runaway Bag — Velvet Leather

With a dash of bright coloring and enough room to keep all your essentials packed up together, this bag is a perfect combination of utility and luxury. It has been made out of soft velvet calf leather and lined in bright cerise pink cotton that makes it perfect as a runaway bag you can carry outdoors any day.

Penny Stocks — Coin Purse

For all those who often struggle with coins in their pockets, this is that one purse you can keep as a handy coin store anytime. The additional card holder just makes the leather crafted accessory more versatile as a purse for people of all ages.

Sally Albright — Dove Grey Velvet Leather

It’s a tote that will never make you feel as if you live far apart from high-class leather luxury brands in your everyday outdoor trips. The striking usage of soft leather is what gives it that striking charm one prefers in their bags with an additional handmade touch in its creation.


Designing breathtaking leather covers and sleeves for your tech gadgets is what filzstueck store based out of Munich, Germany specializes in. The best aspect of their store is that apart from the unique array of leather covers they already have, taking customized orders depending on your preference is also possible.

We had our round of interview with Jesse from the couple duo who handles the marketing side of their store with his wife concentrating on creating these beautiful range of products in their workshop. The store seems extremely innovative in terms of their style in presenting and crafting these leather goodies and here are some tips we found from them.

  • The first thing we noticed about filzstueck is their massive presence on multiple online marketplaces especially Dawanda and Etsy which has given them quite a round of sales from niche leather buyers.
  • To make their site look more communicative with visitors, they have a collection of an album featuring their “workshop impressions” everyday. An interesting way to keep site visitors engaged every time they land up searching for the new collection on the filzstueck store.
  • They have also taken good care of providing tips on keeping the felt or leather accessories protected from dirt and grime. Having a separate page with the details shows how open to discussion they are with their customers.
  • Since they are into selling leather covers for phones and tablets, the store also takes special interest in creating products depending on all the new releases in the market. By taking customized orders, they try to make sure every smartphone or tablet user is attended to by them. A hundred points for catering to their customer’s needs.
  • For the clear cut product photography, they mostly use the Aperture App to edit photos with quick cropping. DSLR is what they generally prefer to use with occasional use of the iPhone camera if the former is not available.
  • Lastly, the entire range of products available on this store is made from organic ingredients, more specifically bio-leather. That way, filzstueck is also a perfect store for using leather but in an eco-friendly way.

Some of their latest products we love:

Surface Pro 3 Deerskin Sleeve / Case

It’s the traditional stitched bavarian “Lederhosen” motif which gives the leather sleeve an added touch of elegance in terms of transforming your everyday sleeve as a luxurious handicraft.

Nokia Lumia 930 Organic Leather Sleeve

Made out of organic cow leather, what makes this sleeve gorgeous is its cheery summer looks with the use of bright and vibrant colors. Especially well suited for those who prefer having such bright colors in their digital lifestyle.

iPhone Organic Leather Sleeve / Case

The sleeve is perfect to keep your iPhones protected from outside wear and tear and also has a classic lining made of woolfelt that goes very well with the leather.

With these two stores showcasing a fresh genre of handmade leather goods, it’s safe to predict that the leather industry will see an even sharper rise in the future years now that it’s filled with enriched innovation and newfound inspiration.

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Originally published at blog.boxtiq.com on July 25, 2014.

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