Livestreamed : Chocolate Making From An Engineer’s Mind at Firefly Chocolate

Sep 28, 2015 · 3 min read

September 28, 2015

Jonas Ketterle, founder of Firefly Chocolate

Jonas Ketterle has everything you could ask from a modern engineer but his passion lied somewhere else. Guess that one trip to Oaxaca, Mexico was the turning point of his career graph. It was during his stay in Teotitlán del Valle, a Zapotec town with strong chocolate traditions that Jonas got introduced to the art of chocolate making. Making chocolate in the traditional way became his new interest which later turned into Firefly Chocolate. These chocolates go through the bean-to-bar process at their own factory, are 85% dark chocolate and much healthier than those generally found in stores.

We got a thorough walkthrough of Firefly Chocolate’s factory in Sonoma County and observed the natural bean-to-bar movement in action. At the end, we got a tasting session of some of Jonas’ best sellers, which we even made a separate video segment for. Wow, the flavor was smooth and refined indeed! You can check the replay of the entire live video session segments featured on and can be viewed on your iPhone/iPads from the Boxtiq App.

Live Video session showing chocolate making process
Live video Tasting session, yum!!!

Firefly Chocolates can be a healthy treat for your calorie conscious friends this holiday. Browse the selection of chocolates within the video session or or visit their website to get your favorite bars right now!

P.S. They even give you a personal chocolate factory tour for $85–$180. Mmm!!

Our tour around the factory


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