Livestreamed on - Sous vide cooking, healthy and made easy at home with Nomiku

By Peter Chang, September 20, 2015

Nomiku CEO Lisa Fetterman demoing the Nomiku at the Nomiku HQ in San Francisco, CA

Want to cook like a pro but don’t want to spend the time to learn cooking? it may seem impossible but with the Nomiku immersion circulator it may be actually easy to do. Top chefs have long been keeping a secret in the professional kitchens with the “sous vide” cooking technique. Food is vacuum sealed in a plastic bag and immersed in a low-temperature water bath for an extensive amount of time. Low temperature prevents overcooking and cooks the food to perfection with the right tenderness and moisture. There are lots of health benefits to sous vide cooking as well. Low temperature preserves more nutrients, and the moisture kept within the vacuum bag keeps vitamins and minerals from getting evaporated. Furthermore, less or no oil is used for cooking. Sounds wonderful, but at what cost? Previously the equipment for sous-vide is too expensive for the home, but the Nomiku immersion circulator achieves this by heating the water to an exact temperature and circulates the water to keep temperature even throughout.

We got to see the Nomiku device in action in a live video session on held from the Nomiku HQ in San Francisco, California. Nomiku’s co-founder and CEO Lisa Fetterman demonstrated setting up the Nomiku and cooked poached egg using the Nomiku. The set-up was surprisingly easy as the eggs didn’t even need to be in a vacuum sealed bag. The replay of our video session is below and the part seeing the perfectly poached egg with the runny yolk is, oh so tempting.

You can also catch the video session replay in the Boxtiq app and browse through the product showcase of two models of the Nomiku, the Classic as well as the wifi-enabled version that is currently on a very special pre-order price of $149! Inquire about them directly through the Boxtiq app.

And now, we’ll end this post by tempting (or torturing!) you with some absolutely amazing things that can be made with the Nomiku. You can check out more recipes on Nomiku’s community generated recipe site and corresponding mobile app Tender.

simply mouth watering recipes generated from Nomiku’s sous-vide community recipe site



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