Live Streamed: The marriage of Wood + Ceramics to spice up your dinnerware

by Peter Chang, July 31, 2015

Design power-couple Dave and Cher at their studio in Oakland, CA

When I first saw the work of David and Cheryl, I was drawn right away into the simple yet naturally pleasant designs. We’ve talked to several ceramics artists as well as those in woodworking, but the combination of the two disciplines was a refreshing change that immediately clicked. Their serving spoons in various styles are representative in the marriage of wood and ceramics, where the handcrafted porcelain bowl is joined to a precisely formed tube made from reclaimed wood.

David and Cheryl are quite the lovely couple as well. Putting their corporate jobs in graphic design aside they moved to Oakland, CA from Connecticut last summer to create Neighbor Please, which is conceptualized as a design shop of handcrafted everyday products. We had a chance a couple weeks ago to interview them at their live-work loft studio which was impressively arranged and even had its own rooftop access. We were greeted with warm hospitality that included a tour of the space, complete with watermelon and tea served out of the wares they made themselves, of course.

Cold watermelon pieces are served on the bowl handmade by David and Cheryl. David demonstrates how their signature serving spoons are made from ceramics and wood

During the interview we saw how one of their signature serving spoons was made, from rolling the clay slab to carving the wooden handle on lathe. Seeing the process firsthand helped me appreciate all the work that goes into making our daily dinnerware, and we are sharing that experience via the replay below:

They are starting a Kickstarter campaign this month to help raise money to help the business and also set-up some additional equipments, stay tuned and we’ll provide an update when they start the campaign. Here’s some of their newest products in the showcase:

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Live video sessions to discover cool finds for your home and lifestyle. Download the app