Livestreamed: How Katie Evans Preserves Natural Beauty Through Her Handmade Jewelry

Katie Evans from Hart Variations, Photo credit to Erika Pino

You can’t deny the unbeatable beauty of nature above anything else in this world. Katie Evans wanted to preserve this beauty and not let the patterns be forgotten and discarded. Her passion lies in designing ethically sourced handmade jewelry, the heart of which comes from various materials such as snakeskin, bones, insects, feathers etc. Every piece is unique and carefully encapsulated by using glass and metal.

A few weeks back, we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this entire process in the making. She not only showed us the process of cutting glass but also displayed the Tiffany Method of stained glass soldering at the end. You can catch it all on or download the Boxtiq app for a replay.

If you want to gift these eco-friendly jewelry to someone special this Christmas, don’t forget to visit her shop at

Photos taken at the Hart Variations Workshop, photo credit to Erika Pino