Live Streamed: The making of wooden skateboards using upcycled wood at the workshop

Sep 9, 2015 · 3 min read

by Peter Chang, September 7, 2015

Michael Ammon (right) and fellow artist Julian Watts (left) at the workshop in the Dog Patch, San Francisco, CA

With his family originally in metalworking business, Michael Ammon picked up woodworking in his mid 20’s as an apprentice for Cottage Table, a San Francisco-based company that have been hand-making wooden dining tables for over 30 years. He hasn’t looked back and eventually became the owner. Now working out of his workshop in the Dog Patch neighborhood, Michael shares his space out with various other woodworking artisans and one can imagine scrap wood pieces from the various furniture projects are of abundance. That’s where Michael and colleague Dylan Hosey came up with the idea to take the once-scrap wood materials and turning them into beautiful, high-quality skateboards reminiscent of the early skateboard designs. Scrap Dog Skateboards was thus born, and these skateboards are indeed beautiful!

a sample of some of Scrap Dog Skateboards’ boards

We had the opportunity to talk to Michael at his workshop and live streamed his working process on The process for making skateboards out of upcycled wood is quite interesting. Scrap pieces of wood are saved, trimmed, and glued together to form the panels. Then the wooden panels are cut with a bandsaw by putting the skateboard template over them. The replay of our session is below and the part seeing the giant sander in action is not to be missed.

You can also catch the replay in the Boxtiq app and browse through the showcase of Scrap Dog’s skateboards and inquire about them through the app.

In the meantime, follow Scrap Dog Skateboards here:

Demo of the giant sander on the left is in the video; The right image shows a picture of the workshop in depth


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