These 10 Etsy Craft Supplies Stores Are Truly Amazing

There’s a reason why the top sellers on Etsy are craft suppliers. No matter how creative and passionate you are in setting up an online store, there’s no moving forward without the proper supplies in hand. Bead jewelry makers need beads to work with, card manufacturers need the appropriate paper to work on and so goes the list for every other seller out there. Not only for sellers, craft supplies are for everyone who are a part of the latest DIY craze. So to lure customers, simply stocking up your craft supply store won’t do the magic. Instead, what will work is how you are selling your supplies online using the benefits of better product photography and marketing.

You’ll see the difference when you check your shop and that of your competitors with the eyes of a customer. Say for example, you’re selling beads and so are so many other shops out there. Why would someone want to come to your shop at all when that of some others have gorgeous product pictures and superb social media presence. Selling online is way more different that selling offline where you can easily beat the game with better quality. But the catch here is how you present your products. That’s why we thought why not highlight some of the best craft supply stores on Etsy for you to have an idea as to why they are so popular. Let’s have a look at our own curated top 10 craft supply Etsy store list –


They sell DIY masks from recycled cards but every product picture is so beautifully presented that it’ll be hard to imagine that all those kits are actually recycled. No wonder they have already made 18,731 sales.


This shop entertains your premium quality craft supply needs. They have a versatile collection presented beautifully with detailed product descriptions. Sales figure have been up to 8252 till date.


Wedding invitations are a pain to design and that’s what this amazing shop is trying to solve. What is admirable is the product photography and presentation.


Notice the crystal clear images of this shop. They sell terrarium kits and have created their own niche in the world of eco-friendly product supplies.


For those who are into felting, this is the shop you can head to in case you need felting kits. Beautiful presentation once again.


Not a supply seller alone but the scrap fabric pack is truly adorable, especially in the way it’s been presented with stunning product photos.


Wooden buttons and branch wood crafts are in demand and the way this Etsy Shop is trying to make their supply store popular is commendable.


These paper goods look gorgeous and what’s appealing here is the use of white backdrops or single color background.


Selling party kits and invitations like a pro. Watch out for the product descriptions which are pretty neat and explains every product in detail.


They have chosen a pretty awesome product niche and are living up to it with exciting patterns each day. You’ll know the popularity from the sales graph itself which has surpasses 11K+ sales already.

So if you’re coming up with your own craft supply store soon, make sure you take back some of the keys to having the best profile on the web to make that mark.

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Originally published at on April 1, 2015.

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