A potential MMM Ponzi scheme

Hello to all the marvelous Ethereum community!

With this blogpost, I would like to draw attention to a potential Ponzi scheme.

I’m part of the team of volunteers, supporting the social media platforms connected to the (ex) DAO Project, being busy dealing with the DAO hack fallout, return of funds ...

We did noticed that our twitter account has been followed today by Sergey Mavrody.
He is one of the organizers/founders of the infamous MMM Ponzi scheme.
They were also involved with Pyramid ponzi connected with Bitcoin a few years ago.
After a quick look at his Twitter feed I saw (I do speak some Russian) him talking about Vitalik Buterin being involved in their next project.

It seems there is a new ponzi in the making and Mavrody is trowing names around to look that members of the Ethereum Foundation are involved.

I hope I’m wrong in my conclusions, but if not, I would like to sound the alarm, draw the attention of the community and make sure that this kind of BS won’t happen!

All the best!

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