5 Best Food Aphrodisiacs

Sex needs nourishment, both literally and figuratively.

So today after so many questions from our readers we were asked — what are the best aphrodisiacs in food?


Figs are sweet, juicy and passionate. They may be included in any foreplay. Fresh figs have an exclusive heady flavor that makes sex more passionate.


Mangoes are also very juicy fruit that ignites passion and amorous desires. It is recommended that men eat one mango hour before sex to enhance your sexual power. The juice of mango can be incorporated into foreplay. Squeeze a bit of juicy fruit on the skin of your partner passionately lick it off.

Rose Petals

The leaves of the rose are not just for decoration. They can also be eaten. Lay rose petals around the bedroom to challenge the senses of her beloved. And you can eat them as a pre-candied them. Prepare and great jams of rose petals. That is how many different ways you can include rose petals in your sex life!

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is another powerful aphrodisiac, which ignites fiery passions. A piece of chocolate before sex can do wonders with the sexual power of your partner. Exoticism and light bitterness of dark chocolate awaken sensuality as in strong sex and ladies.

Furthermore, studies have shown that cocoa improves blood circulation and promotes better blood supply to the genitals. Then the sexual act will be longer and quality.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil makes the skin, joints, and ligaments more elastic. This helps to accomplish various extreme sex poses. If you regularly use coconut oil will not only enjoy the heady aroma, but your body will be able to wring the most pleasant way to help in the delivery of pleasure.

Coconut oil is a great lubricant, from which you can enjoy during foreplay. Sexy massage with coconut oil and predispose granted.

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