Cauliflower is super helpful for everybody

Cauliflower tops the list of vegetables that are fighting for our health

Some tradition indicates that cauliflower is the preferred product for the preparation of pickles and salads. In recent years cauliflower has a big growing in popularity as an ingredient in purees, soups, and hot entrees.

Is it useful to health? Is super useful! Along with broccoli and Brussels sprouts, cauliflower tops the list of vegetables that are fighting for our health on three fronts: as part of detoxification, such as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

Cauliflower contains substances which activate specific enzymes in the body, resulting in anti-toxins from the exchange and the environment becomes more lenient. Cauliflower protects us from cancers and slows aging. Scientific studies show a very positive impact for the prevention of various cancers.

Anti-inflammatory qualities of cauliflower due to specific phytonutrients that act at the genetic level and protect us from cardiovascular disease and stroke. High concentrations of vitamin K does have a basis for building bones and protect us from osteoporosis.

Winter is the best time to enjoy this vegetable because the content of vitamin C and selenium helps to strengthen the immune system and reduces the incidence of respiratory infections. Well suited for children who suffer from asthma.

Cauliflower is a great discovery way to reduce weight as this vegetable is high in fiber and low in calories. At 250 calories cauliflower contains almost 15 grams of fiber — half of your daily ration.

When buying cauliflower, our advice is to choose smaller heads. So you can look them well and then wash them and clean easily. Choose hard axillary buds whose florets are compact and collected without dark spots and bruises. When cleaning, remove the outer leaves, cut the stalk and soak in hot water with a little salt for ten minutes can drop off dust and other contaminants.

Consume raw cauliflower, florets dipped in fresh milk sauce with dill or prepared for a bit of steam, served with Parmesan cheese and walnuts.

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