Herbs that stimulate breast milk

Add ginger to your meals.

Nutrition during lactation is critical for the health of the mother but also for the synthesis of milk. There are a number of nutritious foods that you should include in your diet.

Most of them will help you maintain good form, but also will naturally stimulate the production of breast milk. Some of them are called lactogenic they stimulate the release of milk.


Great plant that helps reduce nausea during the first weeks of pregnancy, and boosting immunity. Also, consumption can help naturally stimulate the secretion of milk. Add it to tea, soups, dishes, smoothies, sauces and more.


Alfalfa ranking as one of the best lactogenic herbs. It can be taken during pregnancy and lactation. It is rich in essential minerals and vitamins, which will further help to strengthen your immune system after birth. You can make it part of your recipes or to be taken as a tea.

Fennel seeds or fresh herb

For centuries, fennel seeds were accepted as a means of helping the synthesis of milk. Also, the seeds of fennel (not recommended for use during pregnancy) act carminative and should not bother you that taking them can lead to the formation of the colic baby.

Nettle leaves

Nettle is a herb rich in minerals, including calcium and potassium. Its consumption will not only contribute to the synthesis of breast milk but will give you more energy you need. You can consume nettles leaves as a tea or add to food.

Centaurea Benedicta

A wonderful herb that can help naturally stimulate the secretion of milk. Centaurea Benedicta has been used centuries ago as the lactogenic herb. This herb has a positive effect on hormones and heart.

Centaurea Benedicta has a specific effect on the endocrine system so is important not to be taken during pregnancy. Please note that taking herbs is not safe. We recommend before taking any of the following herbs to stimulate breast milk, consult with your doctor.

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