Greater demand for services

This will lead to not to crowded public places. Techniki analysis in this chapter we will present an analysis of the proposed method to detect any benefits. To this end therefore presented charts which illustrate the customer waiting area space savings depending on the length of the queue and the service usage rate from customers. Tail required waiting room surface without bank queue management tropoi implementation the proposed method can be implemented in two ways. More specifically, it is possible both automatically update the client with sms, and the information of the customer following request.,. Sms automatically sent by the system. In this method, the customer dials the number of the mobile phone while he takes the piece of paper.

Then the system sends a message to the client just before the turn. Indicator device which can realize the above method shown in the figure below:,. Enimerosi on the customer. In contrast to the above method wherein the system is responsible for sending the sms to the customer, it is possible and an alternative embodiment in which the client is seeking at will, again queue system by sms information from the system about the current customer number you serve that time. The above method is disclosed in picture below:,,,symperasmata in a new method was studied present research work to address problem of queues at customer sites. More queue system specifically the possibility customer information was proposed and analyzed using written sms messages about the expected time of service.

The analysis held that under certain conditions the proposed method it can lead to significant benefits for both customers and for companies/ organizations with bank queue management customer waiting areas. First, with respect customers that their proposed method enables to plan better their time if they know more precisely the expected time their service. On the other hand, companies/ organizations save money where reduced space requirements of the customer waiting bank queue management area. To practice implementation proposed two methods and two presented on charts. For the completion of this study requires market research, which expected to clarify the intent of potential queue system customers to use proposed service to their service.

All of us have experienced the unpleasant experience of waiting in a queue to our service for any need. Unfortunately this phenomenon it is particularly common in technologically advanced queue system societies. Waiting in queues in the traffic in the street, tolls, call centers service, the funds of super markets, banks, post offices etc. In anticipation that customers called or individuals in cases as the tails of post offices and banks, or aircraft in where airport or data in a computer system, etc.. Clients naturally do not like this waiting state.

Or same situation but uncomfortable and system administrators like above, due to the fact that the wait in a queue increases operating costs of the reasonably clear question: “so why is waiting?” The answer is simple: there is a greater demand for services from the service can be offered by existing infrastructure. Many are reasons why this happens. For example there may be a lack of on servers (units, computing resources or people who take customer service) to be economically unfeasible for a company to providing the level of service which is essential to avoid tail or even to have a spatial limit to the service size which may be offered.

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