‘A Star Is Born’ Must Be Condemned And Boycotted

Zach Randolph
Aug 18, 2018 · 3 min read
Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s film blatantly supports white privilege, racism, and misogyny.

If you are an African-American or care about the plight we face in this country, you must spread the word about our boycott of this film and its stars. The first step is signing the petition here.

While Warner Bros, Bradley Cooper, and Lady Gaga can certainly pay cash to entertainment outlets (howa doin’ Entertainment Weekly) to give it Oscar hype, the truth is that anybody who supports this film supports racism, misogyny, white privilege, and male privilege. Let me explain.

The star of this film, Lady Gaga, holds herself up as a beacon of equality, but that is far from the truth. Let’s go back to March of 2012, when Lady Gaga thought it was a great ideal to hold a huge party where she posed with white men in blackface dressed as “slaves” in Germany. The chains are real and not photoshopped in like Gaga’s fans claim.

Lady Gaga and her “friends” from 2012.

When people started to call Lady Gaga out for this, she tried to make herself a martyr for the #BlackLivesMatter movement by releasing a song called “Angel Down,” which was dedicated to Trayvon Martin. She even appropriated the movement by using it to strike back at a New York Times critic who didn’t like her album Joanne, which was slammed by many other critics.

Then, almost a year later, Black Twitter roasted the cultural appropriation queen for making insensitive comments following the white supremacy events in Charlottesville, North Carolina. Besides posting pictures of Gaga’s 2012 slave auction, some took time to remind Gaga that she recorded a “rape” anthem called “Do What You Want With My Body” with R. Kelly, a man who has victimized many young black women and teenagers.

But the reason for the boycott against the movie isn’t just about Lady Gaga. The movie also features Andrew Dice Clay, a man who is known for his racist, sexist, and misogynistic rants. He has, in the past, used the N word to refer to black women. He has AIDS-shamed gay people, called them fa**ots, and his comments towards women in general really can’t be printed here. He is the last person who should be rewarded for appearing in a big-budget film.

Perhaps Bradley Cooper thought he could hide the Andrew Dice Clay controversy by hiring a huge African-American star, Dave Chappelle, to play the character of “Noodles.” However, there is no depth to Chappelle’s character. He is played off as the stereotypical “nice black man” who isn’t “like other blacks.” Chappelle’s involvement in this film is a step back for African-American stars, not a step forward. The fact that Warner Bros is trying to hype Chappelle up for an Oscar for this particular role makes things even more insulting.

#BlackLivesMatter was originally about police brutality, but it has become so much more. The movement has become about breaking the chains of white privilege, especially when (especially in Lady Gaga’s case) it’s disguised as altruism. It’s about letting all types of industries, including Hollywood, know that we won’t put up with racism, no matter what it’s disguised as, anymore. It’s also about aligning ourselves with other movements, including #MeToo, to express our outrage at the treatment of women.

If you support #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo, and the LGBTQ community, you must not only boycott A Star is Born, but you need to spread the word to every social media site, every article comment section, and every person you know. Once again, please sign our petition and stay tuned to this page for more updates.

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