Car Review: 2016 Ford Fusion SE

I travel a lot for work and I drive a lot of rental cars so I figure I would start some posts about my experiences with various vehicles as I eat Mexican food and drink Margaritas at night (as I am tonight). Here we go:


  • The seat feature that slides me back to get out of the car and slides me up when entering the car.
  • Acceleration is nice with the Ecoboost.
  • Styling is not bad for a 4-door family car.
  • The side mirrors with the built-in small mirror is a nice touch.
  • Built-in garage door entry if this was actually my car.
  • Backup camera. I don’t have one in my car and this would be helpful in some situations.

Could Be Better

  • The entry and exit slide could be a real wear on the electronics there for premature failure.
  • Interior is still kind of cheap like other versions I drove back in 2015 when looking for a new car.
  • Interior controls are a bit muddled. Too many options and a mundane UI.
  • MPG. I am around 28 MPG on the highway. I know I have to sacrifice power for it, but my TDI has more power at 40 mpg.
  • Leather interior feels kinda cheap.


The 2016 Ford Fusion SE is a decent driver. It accelerates nicely. I’m not in love with the interior. There are a couple cool features, but the overall dashboard UI is not that appealing compared to my 2010 VW Golf. I would not trade my car for this one for anything other than a road trip with more than 2 people.



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