Changing Course

This sermon from Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs ( is about enlisting others in the service of God, but it is also about fixing something when it’s not working. What happens in life when the path you have been on is not the path you want to be on anymore? How do you make that pivot in life? Do you scrap everything and just start over? Do you kind of do the same thing in a little different fashion?

Answer is it depends. Everyone has a little different road they need to be on, but the common link is God has shaped your future with your past. We all have experiences in the past (good and bad) that help shape our future. A better tomorrow is upon you every day you wake up. It is all in how you apply to your drive and the desires God has put in your heart as to where your tomorrow is at.

Today, I challenge you to find what God has made you good at and look for a way to make that your full time hustle. Those most inspired by their jobs do the best. Get out there today, serve the Lord and be gracious for the experiences and desires he has blessed you with. God bless.

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