Fish on the Other Side of the Boat

In this sermon from The Lutheran Hour titled “Breakfast with Jesus” (, the disciples thought since Jesus had risen that he was gone and out of their lives. They were back to their same ol same ol. Then he came to them and said “fish on the other side of the boat.”

Do you ever feel like this? Things are going OK in life. Not great, but not terrible. Life is in a comfortable spot and then God comes and says “fish on the other side of the boat.” How do you respond? Ignore the voice and let comfortable suffice? Or do you listen to the world and take a chance to “fish on the other side of the boat?”

I know in my past I have been afraid to put my full trust in the Lord and “fish on the other side” when life has been comfortable here. I look forward to the next time God calls me to “fish on the other side of the side of the boat” to see if I have learned from my past to trust in his ways. It is not an easy thing and not many do it, but I believe that those who do will reap a heavenly gift beyond our wildest dreams.

Have a great Sunday as you start the next week and God bless.

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