Beginning Week 4

I had a rough weekend, no details but think thunder storms and high winds. Coming into this week I am feeling a little sick to boot, so I am not operating at full speed. Monday, I just could not process at all, I was in class and I did things but I felt terribly unproductive. Right now we are working on callbacks, promises, AJAX requests and fetch libraries. I understand what is going on, but my mind is not connecting to how to make it happen. I’m taking my vitamins and promising to go to bed early tonight. Right now I am in catch up mode and it sucks. I want to cement everything together, but I need sleep and some processing time, though I need to get back on top of this work.

On the upside I finished the meat of the weekly project late Saturday night and finalized some styling Monday. I pounded my head against that and in the end the code was simple. So that is not on my to do list. I just finished the basics of yesterday’s project, now just some styling left, so technically I caught myself up this morning. I now need to get myself up to snuff and do my best to be at work load zero by tonight and get some solid sleep.

This morning I heard that The Iron Yard has planned the shut downs of a few of it’s campuses and their CEO has stated he is looking more into corporate training. Some of the people I follow said this may be signaling the end of the coding boot camp business. Whether or not this is the case, I do know that I need to get my knowledge and skills as developed as possible and be as prepared as possible for the upcoming income search.