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The First Amendment in the US Constitution states that everyone has religious freedom and that nobody has the right to take away this right and prohibit anyone or place from exercising their religious beliefs. The First Amendment also gives everyone freedom of speech and the right to exercise that freedom of speech in any place at anytime. We see many laws passed by democrats and liberals that state that LGBTQ have the right to deny and refuse service unto people of other religions, because of the LGBTQ’s beliefs, but then state that no religion has the right to do the same unto LGBTQ followers. Democrats pass laws stating that everyone must honor and recognize LGBTQ’s beliefs by denying their own religious beliefs, rights and right of freedom of speech. These actions passed by Democrats are illegal and can’t be enforced under law, because the First Amendment states nobody has the power to take such actions. The LGBTQ won’t may Christian, Muslim or any other couple against their will. People can’t be forced to marry same sex couples against their religious beliefs either. Democrats pass laws stating that every city and town must honor the LGBTQ by having transgenders use the restroom, shower and locker room of the sex in which they identify with against the will and beliefs of others. This law cannot be enforced, because the First Amendment states these actions are legal and that nobody has the power to take these actions. Democrats support sanctuary cities to support illegal immigrants and to erase the crimes they commit. But democrats force LGBTQ’s beliefs upon illegal immigrants that will kill LGBTQ without being convicted of the crimes they commit. Democrats fight to divide and destroy America. God said that the world would fall away from God and truth in these last days before the Lord’s return. Many people will be turned over unto a reprobate mind in these last days. Once one becomes a reprobate mind, they cannot change back and do not have a chance to enter heaven. Christ said very few people will be saved or enter heaven in these last days.

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