Some Extremely Annoying Things about Selling Home

Boyer Smith
Mar 14, 2017 · 3 min read
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Maintaining best look of the home is not always possible, and it is the very reason that selling your home is never a pleasant process. Even the most patient homeowners start getting a sense of urgency when it comes to selling the home.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss some of the most irritating points about selling a home. While it is necessary to keep in mind that you will finally be able to sell your home, the hassle would be very much unpleasant, and there is a mighty chance that you will start losing your cool. The purpose of describing those pain points is to let you know that being anticipative is the only way you can pull off the task without getting extremely annoyed.

Buyer not showing up

It’s really irritating to hear after a daylong deep cleaning that buyer is not coming for the showings. Well, it’s not something that you can do much about, so getting worried is not going to help. You never know if you get another buyer willing to come see you home.

The last minute showings

Sometimes you get a call from potential homebuyers and you come to know that they are in the halfway towards your home. There can a lot of reasons behind these short notices but one thing is inevitable; you will get exasperating for sure. The hassle would be quite a bad one but if your home gets sold in the deal, it will all be worth it. So, get up and start pulling everything together.

As a quick tip, I would like to tell you that Rubbermaid is your best friend at that moment. So, run around and pick anything you deem useless and throw it in the Rubbermaid.

Buyers being careless about handling stuff

While you cleaned everything and placed everything in order, it would be frustrating to see after coming back that homebuyers were pretty busy in messing with your stuff in the home. Now the next thing is exactly what you need to do; start cleaning again.

Pets in the outdoor

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Now it’s something that is entirely up to you, so it’s only you who have to take care of this. You cannot leave your cats and dogs wandering in the lawn and outdoor while you leave the house for showing. Often times, dogs start barking after watching new faces in the home. So it’s for everyone’s best to do something about pets before leaving the home. They are quite capable of ruining the deal.

Unlocked doors with light on in the entire house

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While you are out of your home during the homebuyers’ visit, they may not be very careful regarding turning the light off they turned on. They may even leave the doors open. So, the better idea here is to discuss everything with your agent and tell him/her to take care of the lights and doors after showings are concluded.

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