I Find Your Lack Of Faith In Autonomous Cars Disturbing
Mitch Turck

How to pry away car culture from Corporate America?

Ok, I am from Europe. As in “actual people who use bicycles to get around in cities” and “cities built for public transport”. Paris, Kopenhagen, Berlin, to name just a few capitals that REDUCED car space on the road in favor of space for safer riding of bicycles.

Your article is very comprehensive, yet lacks one, if not the most important factor: How do you think the people of North America can pry away car culture from Corporate America. As a small reminder, please look up how Corporate America pried away the reliable-safe-easy-to-use tram systems in many many US cities during the after-war drive(sic!) towards more car useage. This, all other factors combined, overshadows the move towards use of autonomous transportation. IMHO only if Corporate America will allow, eh, find a way to make more money than with the existing system, the move to autonomous will happen. And Corporate is not only the car related industries, think: real estate, banks, ..

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