Why Join The Valley CoWorking?

Coworking. This is a term that has recently been making fire in startup culture. What makes a company like ours valuable to the startup scene?

We explored and the answers were simple. Coworking is an unique and affordable environment. It provides a one of a kind experience. As comedian/businessman Steve Harvey said, “People you choose to associate with, determine a lot of where you’re going in life.” When you surround yourself with like-minded people, it provides you with the right ingredients for your success.

In a coworking space, you are surrounded by, not just your coworkers but also by the brilliant minds of other early age startups. You get dunked head first into a pool of doers and active thinkers. Startup culture itself is about using creativity and insight to provide answers to improve our status quo.

However, simply providing space is not enough to be a successful coworking venture. So what makes the Valley different? How come we’ve become the place that you want to call home for your startup?

At The Valley, we don’t just put you side by side with other startups. We are committed to providing a welcoming and connected setting. Our initial motive was to provide a diverse and friendly startup environment. And, over the last four years, what started out as a hesitant venture turned into a brand, a network and a community. We’ve made a place where any person with a desire to learn, create and contribute to the better part of society can walk-in, sit down and begin. It’s where “The Magic” Happens.

Our Exciting members

We made sure to provide our clients with the three key elements for a productive workday.

First, the location. We are located in Banjara Hills (Hyd), at the heart of our beloved city. It is near to every major company in the city. All the connections you might need are within arm’s reach. Mind wandering too much after a morning of hard work? You can drop by one of several restaurants and cafes located within 10 minutes of our office. Got a long night ahead? Grab a few redbulls from the many supermarkets nearby. The Valley is even the perfect location to order midnight munchies through services such as Swiggy and Fasoos.

Second, the crowd. The Valley is home to many successful startups such as HackMania,BotHook, CloudBost, and UnWiredLabs. UnWiredLabs is now a million dollar company and has recently moved out in order to scale up. CloudBoost, was chosen to be part of an International Incubation program called StartupChile. The Hacking School launched a lot of people, developer career by organizing BootCamps. HackMania for organising more than 150 Hackathons nationally. These are just a few examples of the brilliance that we attract.

Third, community. Honestly speaking, our space is what you would call cozy. What is cozy, is comfortable. And where we are comfortable, is where we come up with our best ideas. We allow our clients to turn their space into home. Beyond the space, our clients are not simply clients. They are family.

We follow through on our promise. The Valley is both fundamental and fun. We conduct events to help our members brainstorm and connect over similar ideas. There are multiple meetups and chill sessions both inside and outside the office. We not only provide them with space, but also with new friendships, partnerships and a strong sense of community. So when you join us, feel free to kick off your shoes, lean back and relax.

We even go one step further because we know exactly what makes our family run…take one taste of our never-ending free coffee and you’ll never want to leave! ;)