Why you shouldn’t underestimate Transformers?”

Back then when I was of 10 and didn’t know much about the crucial role transformers, and bridge rectifiers play in an adaptor, I did something-ample to take away one’s trust from humanity.

But being brutally honest I don’t give a damn about anyone and will go ahead anyways….

I was playing an interesting car racing game (Asphalt? Don't remember.) on Dad's phone. And was engrossed in a really enthralling race. And trust me everything was going great until an image pretty much like this popped up.

I strode to my room in order to bring the charger, got hold of it and in a haste plugged the pins in but it won't charge.

Reinserted it but it won't budge. Began rotating eye balls around frantically searching for another charger. All in vain.

And “Me in a totally delirious state” pulled the black outer coaxial cable out of the adapter with a massive force. And two wires came out wrapped up inside the cable like a baby in mother’s womb.

Meanwhile the “Pervert Me” woke up. And I decided to infiltrate these holes btw.

Infiltrate these holes with the two wires which came out.

Switch thrown to it’s “On” State and bummer…..…………..

Don’t remember anymore if the phone started charging or not but the main fuse tripped down. And Power supply cut.

Darkness all around.

Getting scared of the darkness cell phone turned blank. Completely blank. And it never regained consciousness again. *Whimpers*

Fast forward 10 years.

How can anyone on Earth be so much ludicrous? *pokerface*

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