Nastee Chapel’s “Lost and Found”: A Folk Odyssey of Self-Discovery

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Lost and Found” cover art.

There are songs that entertain, and then there are songs that transport you to another realm. Nastee Chapel’s 10-track alternative folk album, “Lost and Found”, is firmly planted in the latter category. With the gentle strumming of acoustic guitars, the haunting melodies of flutes, and soul-stirring vocals, this album is nothing short of a musical odyssey through the heart and soul.

“Old Wind”: The album commences with “Old Wind,” setting the tone for the introspective journey you’re about to embark upon. Nastee Chapel’s opening lines, “Old wind, holy ground, light the fire, gather round,” immediately envelop you in a sense of reverence. These lyrics gently beckon us to feel the storm, to become one with the ever-turning wheel of existence.

“Rivers Run Dry”: In “Rivers Run Dry,” Nastee Chapel takes us on a soul-searching journey. Their lyrics, “The sun rises slowly in the distance, ear to the shell, but no ocean hears your call,” remind us of the futility of seeking answers outside when the truth often resides within. This song explores the resistance we encounter on the path to self-discovery and the triumph that follows when we break down our walls.

“50 Soldiers”: “50 Soldiers” marches on a haunting melody that lingers in your mind. The lyrics, “One day, you’ll find that you’re wide awake,” speak to the awakening of the spirit. It’s a call to rouse ourselves from complacency, to question our own internal battles, and to realize that one day, we must confront our own truths.

“Darkness Awaits”: This track delves into the concept of a sleeping soul. It suggests that, in the past, we’ve traveled alone but that the journey transforms when we awaken to the truth. The lyrics, “And in the night you feel them call unto a paradise that is home once more,” capture the essence of self-discovery, where we awaken to our own inner paradise.

“Sisters”: “Sisters” resonates with a deep connection between souls. The song encapsulates the bond between kindred spirits, encapsulated by lyrics such as “Sister, lie here at my side, I’ll share with you oceans deep and kingdoms wide.” It’s a reminder that on the path to self-discovery, we often find kindred spirits who guide us through.

“Innocent Burning”: “Innocent Burning” confronts the devastating impact of our actions on the world. It asks us to reflect on the consequences of our choices. The lyrics, “You can burn my flesh, but not my soul,” implore us to recognize the fire that exists within us, a fire that refuses to be extinguished by external forces.

“Codeine”: In “Codeine,” Nastee Chapel’s lyrics confront addiction, whether to substances or ideologies. They challenge the idea that we should conform to norms that don’t align with our true selves. This song is a plea to break free from societal expectations and to embrace our uniqueness.

“Surrender”: “Surrender” is a track that reflects the universal journey of letting go. Nastee Chapel’s lyrics capture the internal struggle, the push and pull between what is, and what we want to be. It’s a reminder that surrender is a form of empowerment.

“Down By The River”: “Down By The River” takes us to the river’s edge, where we confront the reflection of our inner selves. The lyrics, “We dangle from our web to touch our tiptoes on the floor,” encapsulate the delicate balance between self-discovery and self-acceptance.

“The Lamb”: The album concludes with “The Lamb,” an exploration of wandering souls and the pursuit of knowledge. Nastee Chapel’s lyrics convey a sense of unity with the universe. It’s a powerful reminder that in the pursuit of self-discovery, nothing is ever truly lost, only found anew.

Nastee Chapel (NatalieGrace Kelsey [left] & Steve van Niekerk [right])

In Summary: This duo’s unique blend of folk influences and originality paints a vivid picture of human existence. “Lost and Found” is more than just music; it’s a guide to understanding the self, discovering the depths of the soul, and realizing that we are never truly lost as long as we keep searching.

Nastee Chapel’s music is a moving testimony to the power of introspection, the beauty of self-discovery, and the magic of music as a medium for deep exploration.

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