Five Natural Ways To Keep Bugs Away While Entertaining Outside

We all love spending time in our backyards during the summer, but bugs like mosquitoes, wasps and flies can quickly spoil a nice day or evening outside. Luckily there are a few natural ways to keep the bugs away without using any harmful pesticides.

Here are our top five natural ways to keep bugs at bay during the warm summer months

  1. Plants 
    Plants are beautiful, and yet very functional. Certain plants, especially herbs, are natural deterrents for bugs. Rosemary, lavender, basil and citronella grass, may be sweet-smelling to us, but they have distinct aromas that keep bugs like mozzies and flies away. Plant these in pots or shrubs around the home, patio or verandah. You can also add a few sprigs in little pots on the table as part of your decor.
  2. Natural scents
    Insects, and especially mosquitoes and bees, use their strong sense of smell to find their way to humans and food. Similar to the aroma of plants and herbs, other scents and oils, such as citronella also keep bugs at bay. There is a large variety of candles, natural bug sprays, essential oils and citronella scented coils available in supermarkets that are very effective at keeping unwanted critters away.
  3. A breeze
    The breeze from a fan is keeps us cool and comfortable, but it is also great for keeping mosquitoes from reaching you. These little pests are weak fliers and a bit of wind from a fan is usually enough to keep them away from their prey.
  4. Remove breeding areas
    Tall grass, weed and still water attract bugs and are ideal breeding areas for all kinds of critters. Keep your lawn’s grass trimmed and neat, and get rid of any still water that may have collected over time in buckets and containers in the backyard.
  5. Cover up
    If all else fails, the most effective way of keeping bugs away is by covering yourself, the food or the area. Keep ants, wasps and flies from invading your food by covering it with a bowl, 
    colander or net. Loose, cool clothes and long sleeves or trousers provide an efficient barrier against mosquitoes. You can also cover your whole outdoor entertainment area with products such a large mosquito net, outdoor blinds or shutters which will keep the bugs where they should be — outside.

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