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Thanks Shark always good to hear you get after it with one or two teams. I look at WVU this way: Bob Huggins has had some good teams in this past with NBA-ish talent (thinking specifically with Ebanks/Kevin Jones/Butler) and it got them to the F4 once when the talent was at the peak, but besides that has been a losing battle when it comes to March for Hug minus maybe two years. If the guys you bring in aren’t talented enough to win “conventionally” (let’s face it, is Jevon Carter so good on a conventional team?), it makes 100% sense to go unconventional.

A lot of these guys nowadays spend their summers playing with elite talent and just running up and down with little defense. Huggins has taken complete advantage of this AAU mentality by recruiting and teaching in a way that directly contradicts what 95% of these kids grow up and learn in high school. It’s taking old school and making it fascinatingly new school — taking outdated concepts like defense, hard work, and physicality — and terrorizing the new school.

Point being, it may not ever get Hug over the hump and say where he got to with the talent like Ebanks and Butler, but it sure as hell increases WVU’s chances of being there in the first place.

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