Intelligent conversation, I beg of you.

Its refreshing that someone authors their posts. I thank you for doing that. Outside of reading your opinion, which could be arguable with valid points and with a critical eye, i must commend you for the one sentence in your above post: “All I ask of you, the residents of this town, is to engage in intelligent conversation.” This request had been taken up over this and many many other issues, yet falls woefully short on both sides many times and could be the reason why the people turn out and leave disgruntled about how govt works…that interested and involved residents are ready to engage in intelligent conversation, yet any reasonable ideas or suggestions are shut out, ignored and dismissed by close-mindedness. Proven maybe not in this exact meeting since its was more of a presentation than q&a but in past meetings. The R Pk ex-Mayor you note, who’s name is Joe Accardi, was succinct in his war stories that hopefully we do learn something from them. He also echo’d sentiments, of open conversation and compromise, similar to your quote i listed above. This loss of conversation, ending as just one side selling to the other like last night is the sad failing. Thank you for your posts, young Mr Zeron, you have an eloquent youth and have a good future recognizing issues dear to all of us. (just a last item, people are throwing around the number of $800k of ratables, it was actually $600k “more” in their presentation.)

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