Killing scorpions in Arizona

We took off our shoes outside their house like we always do.

Bring your shoes in

We said it was fine and that did not bother us

Do you want scorpions to get into your shoes?

At this we promptly moved the shoes inside.

After a couple of beers we were walking around the backyard admiring the beautiful house. He again asked us to wear shoes cause of the scorpions.

I killed 17 scorpions here last night.
So how do you kill scorpions at night?

Turns out you use a black light and the scorpions light up like a neon light. We had to try this. Black light in hand we went scouting. Sure enough one showed up right away. I threw a pebble at it but it did not move.

I probably killed that yesterday

We went outside the house and immediately saw a couple, they scurried away as we got closer. Flip flop in hand and a couple of smacks later they were dead.

We went back into the house to an excellent vegetarian dinner.

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