How to know if you are buying the best spare parts for Tata Indigo

There are so many fake spare parts manufacturers in the market these days, that it can be easy to mistake an inferior quality spare for a genuine one. As a consumer, you should equip yourself with these quick tips to understand if the Spare Parts for Tata Indigo you have chosen is a fake or not.

  1. Look for grammatical errors on the packaging: Cheap quality spares manufacturers like to cut corners, which means that they would not invest in the best packaging standards, and definitely would not invest in a team to detail the parts descriptions well. Look for spelling mistakes or incorrectly framed sentences on the box as a tell-tale sign that it is not a genuine accessory.

2. Check the country of origin: You should always try to buy spares that are made in India as far as possible. If a spare part is made in another country, like China or Taiwan, chances are that it would be of a lower quality that may harm your vehicle in the long run. Get high quality parts that are made in a state that has a Tata plant in it so that you can be sure of the quality. You can get better quality parts at

3. Brand graphics are not identical to the original: All original manufacturers follow stringent branding guidelines for their car parts. You can usually tell a fake by noticing if there is some variation in the logo or graphics so that you can avoid being cheated. Look for a holographic sticker on your Spare Parts for Tata Indigo to assure yourself of its quality.

If you have any further questions about the quality of the product you have purchased, you can always contact the manufacturer. Their customer care team can help assuage your fears or provide you with further assistance on your purchase. Give your car the best possible longevity by choosing only the best Spare Parts for Tata Indigo!