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May 12, 2018 · 1 min read

Hello everyone!

Our users often ask “What are the dates of your action plan?”. We get, that always to open White Paper and scroll down the website is not so comfortable, so we decided to make a short article about the roadmap that we follow for you to bring the quality product and let you know what are our plans in general.

Bpay Team hopes it will be useful for you.

Action plan

26 March — 2 April 2018
Private Token sale opens

17 April — 15 May 2018
Public Token Sale opens

August 2018
Official open Europe Bpay.io office

August 2018
Open API for first merchants release (digital currency)

October 2018
Edex.io Exchange opens

November 2018
Receive “processing license” for bank connections

October 2018
Open API for first merchants (fiat currency)

January 2019
iOS and Android wallets and dashboard release

Q1 2019
Open Bpay.io USA office

Q2 2019
Bpay Retail “payment stick” release

So, that was our plan for almost one year of development. We will make further roadmap a bit later, because before Team needs to discuss that attentively not to overcome their abilities and not to be late at the same time!

Thanks for attention and stay tuned to our news.

Best regards, Bpay Team.


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