The Conditions Weren’t Right

Photo taken by me — plants on window sill

I watched it die;
once a big bountiful plant,
it soon shrank in size.

The flowers ceased to bloom out of its petals;
I couldn’t cultivate new ones,
I tried my hardest.

I watered it when dry,
yet not enough light.
I placed it in the sun,
The light was too direct, 
the leaves burned.

Given the circumstances, 
I tried what I could -
cut the leaves back,
move it to different locations.

Incapable of keeping up with the maintenance
this plant required.
Apparently, I signed on for too much.

I watched leaves crunch and wither away,
excited by the prospects of growth,
newly sprouted little green leaves kept me hopeful.

Ever so watchful, 
I gave it it what I could;
out of nowhere,
the new growth dangled then died off

Ultimately, the conditions weren’t right;
I couldn’t nurture this plant,
I couldn’t give it what it needed.

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