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SportsTech excellence in the cold Midwestern January

Our 2020 SportsTech travel calendar started off strong. Only a few weeks into the new decade, we traveled across the pond to Saint Louis, Missouri for Stadia Ventures’ Spring 2020 Finalist Pitch Day on January 22nd and 23rd. After receiving many applications, Stadia invited a select group of founders to pitch their businesses to the Investment Committee and over 140 Senior Leaders in Sports & esports with the chance to take part in Stadia’s Accelerator cohort.

Stadia Ventures is a sports innovation hub that connects, educates and mentors entrepreneurs, industry partners and investors. Part of Stadia’s mission includes their Accelerator that specifically helps established sports business startups get to the next level through a combination of equity investment, intensive mentoring, and connections to the top sports business executives. Last fall, we were among the judges for Stadia’s selection days for its Fall cohort in Frisco, Texas and as an important hub for the global SportsTech landscape, we were happy to travel the U.S. …


Benjamin Penkert

Founder of @sportstechx. All about #sportstech and #startups.

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