WFUV Sports department is one of the best in the nation

Fordham University college radio station WFUV 90.7 is one of the best college stations in the United States. Ranked second to all university’s in the states, it is highly regarded throughout.

The program within WFUV that is certainly striving is the sports department. Garnered by a total of more than 100 students, raging from seniors all the way down to even freshmen, the sports department is produces a lot of content.

The content ranges from beat reporting on New York area professional teams to nationally sports event all over the world. That includes NBA summer leagues in Vegas, NFL Drafts in Philadelphia, or even trips abroad such as the PGA Tour British Open in Scotland. Beat reporting isn’t the only thing being done at the station, as numerous projects are being done daily. The uses of podcasts, broadcasts of Fordham Sports, and its own show every Saturday called One on One are being prepared weekly by these college students. This isn’t your ordinary sports radio department.

The sports department is giving college students real life experience in the radio and broadcasting journalism field. Many of the students that are working at WFUV are getting hands on experience in the field and in the studio. Vinny Debillis, who is a sophomore at Fordham, has been working with WFUV Sports the day he stepped on campus.

“It such a great atmosphere at the station, on top of professional experience and the alumni that come out of WFUV itself is truly incredible.” Debillis said.

The sports department itself has produced many alumni, who have gone on to work with great networks such as ESPN, FOX News, CNN, and the New York Post to name a few.

Students are given all access passes to these many events, and are given the opportunity to have up and close personal interactions with professional athletes. Being up and close allows them to gain valuable experience in the fields many of them hope to work in one day. Connecting with peers from bigger companies that are in the broadcast field, that enables connections in the future.

The station is located in the middle of Fordham’s campus, which allows students working at the station to broadcast Fordham Sports throughout the year. During the course of the year, student workers are given the opportunity to do play by play and color for men and women sports. Some of the local broadcast are even used for production purposes on professional’s networks such as the Atlantic 10, which is the conference most Fordham teams are under.

Bob Aherns executive sports producer has been working at WFUV for 20 years

Bob Aherns, who is the Executive Sports Producer, has been influencing many lives at WFUV Radio station for 20 years.

“When I first got to WFUV, I rarely knew how to do anything with radio, let alone call a broadcast for a game.” Tyler Friere said, who is graduating senior at Fordham.

“Now today that I am a senior I know how to broadcast games, beat report for New York area teams and most importantly have the professionalism instilled in me to work in the field and it all came from Bob” he said.

Aherns office, which is located at the back of the station receives heavy traffic on a daily basis, with students wanting to check out equipment, talk to him about internships, or even read their sportscast scripts that go on air.

The WFUV Radio station stays busy, and the sports department contributes to that greatly, and will become even more busy next semester as another generation of trainees will come under the wing of Aherns and learn the many dynamics of the radio station.

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