Top 10 dApps built on $EOS

EOS is a decentralized operating system with the purpose of helping create powerful DApps, decentralized applications. This opportunity will and has allowed incredible projects to surface and start impacting the lives of the cryptocurrency community. Ethereum used to be the platform of choice for developers and businesses to launch applications. Ethereum was the first of its kind, but EOS is newer; capable of more and ensuring the best Blockchain possibilities. EOS is securing their platform through more than just blockchain; they have created a mining ecosystem which works, allowing users voting privileges and aiding in the construction of cryptocurrency through DApp development.

Top Ten DApps

EOS has not only gained attention from the 4 billion USD raised during their year-long ICO but also because of the dominant platform it is. Incredible new DApps are choosing to develop with EOS, here are some of the best in no particular order:

Everipedia is a decentralized wiki-based application, an encyclopedia on the blockchain. They are combining knowledge and crypto. Everipedia is the first DApp being built on the EOS blockchain, they call for a celebration by airdropping IQ tokens to EOS holders. Learn more about Everipedia and in general by checking out their website now:

ONO is another exciting project being built on the EOS blockchain. ONO is a decentralized social media platform which rewards users for quality content. ONO is the cryptocurrency of traditional platforms, allowing a safe and secure space for people to share personal insight into their lives. Check out ONO now:

Prospectors is an alternative reality developed on through the EOS blockchain. Prospectors is a multiplayer online game based around real-time economic strategy. Players can join together to mine, employ, price and dominate the Prospector world. Find out more:

Unico is next on our list, and they are decentralized digital collectibles secured through the EOS blockchain. Users can purchase, collect and trade collectibles throughout the Unico ecosystem. By attending special events, users can claim and collect custom collectibles which will be unique and drive up their trading worth. Find out how you can get involved:

TXT, traffic exchange token, is an advertising economy built on the EOS blockchain and is claiming to pay viewers. Users who engage with ads will get paid more. TXT is seeking to replace the middleman through their decentralized platform. Take a look at TXT:

Scatter is a unique idea looking to interconnect all EOS DApps onto one interface. Instead of having multiple EOS DApp logins, a user would need to log into Scatter, and all their DApps and app information will become readily and securely available. Check out Scatter:

HireVibes is an open source job platform; the economy will be governed and cultivated by the whole community. The community would charge a small fee to clients seeking employees, and the community would then set the right person up for success and earn a referral reward for doing so. Here’s more about HireVibes: is another incredible project built on the EOS blockchain. Instar is a market research DApp, paying users for sharing their data. They ensure secure identity management and incentives. Earn extra for telling them where you last shop or turning on your location. Find out more:

Paytomat, is a state of the art mobile wallet which stores a host of cryptocurrencies, including EOS. What is really interesting about this mobile wallet is that it allows you to store and trade RAM on the EOS Blockchain. This is the first and only EOS wallet that can do this, which puts this wallet right at the top in terms of quality and purpose. Learn more about Paytomat here:

EOSFISH IPFS platform. Top 10 Block Producer candidate eosfish is creating an IPFS styled platform built on the EOS Blockchain. This tool will be free to use for everyone and the features are simple and easily usable. Learn more about eosfish here:

These are just a few of the many prosperous projects built and being built on the EOS Blockchain. These projects have chosen to create their profits on the EOS chain for a reason, among many, EOS is a platform for the people.

Thanks to EOS

Thanks to EOS all these incredible projects will be given the support and funds to create and distribute their services securely. EOS is the future of decentralized application development and is drawing in names of some of the most significant projects to come, allowing these projects a chance to excel in their potential. The above DApps are just a few of the ones to watch; we are expecting so much more to come from and for EOS. Keep an eye on everything EOS, watch the future unfold.