Paolo Soleri’s Arcology designs

This is an essay I wrote at UC Davis in 2009:

Urban sprawl, overpopulation, and growth are all major factors that lead to an unsustainable future. This is due largely to the fact that human civilization has had the tendency to grow outward, instead of upward. This method of expansion has lead to human habitat increasingly encroaching on the habitat of other species, as well as spending the majority of our resources on transportation and related infrastructure. Transportation, particularly automobile use, is a major consumer of energy and contributes to roughly one third of our total greenhouse gases emitted (Netherlands…

The health & fitness space is one of the most crowded. FitBit, Jawbone UP, Apple & countless others offer activity trackers with health tracking. So what’s wrong with them?

  1. Featuritis — With an inability to understand what people actually want, they just throw in every feature possible. Macronutrients, micronutrients, goals, duels, apps, tracking every measurement of your body, the list goes on…
  2. Social sharing becomes social shaming — Many offer a social feed to try to motivate you to exercise more by cheering on your friends. However, the knife cuts both ways. Your weight is a very personal thing and…

Benjamin Grandy

UX Designer // Frontend Engineer

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