Bipolar Disorder: Stories of Hope, Courage, and Recovery

Bipolar disorder is an extreme mood disorder that millions of people struggle with every day. is an online magazine that is dedicated to those who are suffering from mania and depression symptoms, and who want to learn how to better cope with the disorder. This website also provides a community forum for those who want to share their struggles in a cooperative and safe environment.
They also offer numerous stories of hope, courage, and recovery. These stories are contributed by authors who live with the disorder and have used their available resources to bring about a positive change in their life and want to share it with others.
Here are some examples:

Turning Suffering into Hope by April Krueger. Her story is a thoughtful and intimate look at her life and how she has accomplished what she has today and her road to wellness.

Living with Bipolar takes Courage by Andrea Paquette. With her early childhood onset of bipolar disorder, Andrea writes about how her life has taken many turns and the one thing that has always kept her going — choice. Choosing courage over darkness.

Bipolar, Weight & 7 Steps to Getting “Unstuck” by Brad Hoefs. In this article, Brad writes about how even though you might feel as if you are “stuck” there is a process you can take to help you get “unstuck.”

Healing her Mental Health through Music by Robin L. Flanigan. An article about how a woman used her singing talent as a means to help her manage her bipolar disorder.

Losing that Fear of Flying by Julia A. Fast. Traveling can be a downright traumatic experience for people with bipolar disorder; Julia addresses the issue of dealing with the stress and adapting to change.
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