On Carnival Barkers and Social Media Snake Oil Salesmen….

I threw this on the Fazebuk last night, but also putting here for posterity in case I ever decide to cancel my Fazebuk account. Thank you for indulging me.

This whole (rightful IMO) Scoble meltdown has me thinking (and hoping) the first wave of social media snake oil salesman is coming to a close.

Back when Twitter, Fazebuk, Blogger and other free websites started taking hold, and the initial (though disappointing) era of podcasting showed promise, it seemed those who shouted loudest got the most attention. That + narcissism was then parlayed into a foothold of prominence. And things snowballed from there.

What we then got was any loudmouth who made the most noise could Jab Jab Right Hook themselves into a free steak via a tweet.

That “knowledge” of getting attention from brands on “exciting” “new” “social” sites was then parlayed into (sometimes) successful ventures that ultimately served to fuel the egos of a few instead of benefitting many. Add in the reflexive fanboys or the gullible and, well, it’s a recipe for the horrific Techochamber™ we have today.

As with any snake oil salesmen, their time comes due. Some adapt, some get run out of town and find new victims in smaller towns and cities, and some are disgraced. I guess this is why you now see certain former featured SXSWi-caliber speakers only able to appear before the West Bumblefuck PRSA chapter these days. Good.

Hopefully (at least in the amorphous “tech” industry) we can stop paying mind to these carnival barkers, and give rightful attention to smart people, including the underrepresented who have so often been drowned out of the conversation by all this noise.

It’s time.