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BLACK POISON TATTOO STUDIO, is a newly refurbished, health registered and sterile studio based in Ahmedabad. We pride ourselves on our service to the client; not only are our rates very reasonable, we also try to make each and every design custom and original.

At BLACK POISON, we are individuals working together, pursuing a common goal: Art (the learning and creation of Art). Both learning and creating Art is a never-ending process and we are determined to strive each day, to learn more and create better. In the tattooing business since 2009, the first BLACK POISON TATTOOS was set up in Ahmedabad. Custom tattooing and body piercing has no limits by us. At BLACK POISON TATTOO STUDIO, you will always find a friendly, courteous, professional staff dedicated to the art of Tattooing & Body Piercing.

Nowadays BLACK POISON TATTOO STUDIO builds up a highly skilled tattoo artist’s team, who share a passion for tattooing and for connecting with clients to bring their artistic visions to life… BLACK POISON TATTOO STUDIO one of the outstanding custom tattooist in the tattoo industry, the artists at BLACK POISON have experience in all type of tattoo designs.

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