I Dreamt of Somewhere That Once Existed

January 20, 2035

This place. I’ve been here before.

photo by Brandon Polack

This rejuvenating breeze touching my skin, the sand, these shining faces. Of course returning after some time needs some getting used to. The grand magnificence and dreamlike aesthetic of this tiny mound of earth leads me to question the line between reality and a false one. I am here, now, between two tall leafy pinnacles, with enough crystal clear sustenance to feed me for weeks, and although a gas machine brraapps , loudly behind me, it is a comforting indication that we are living with only what we need. The modern world is among us but traditions remain. Our dwelling is intentionally adorned for maximum return to our hearts and to any guests that may come within our range of frequency.

photos by Brandon Polack

A magnetic duel of attraction, swinging opposite a little human, covering our faces, hiding playfully, parting fingers just enough to keep the fun enticing. I see you. You see me.

photo by Brandon Polack

Taking slow steps into the sea of curiosity. Amorphous forms lie at random in the sand as I step with care, not to disturb the placement Mother has intended and to keep the band-aids in their box. A quick splash into an enveloping stillness, only able to hear the faint blips of popping from life’s mandatory element. Confident chameleon creatures find wonder in close proximity to my toes, causing me to be more alert about them than they me. A five armed, or perhaps legged, being sits among the invertebrate greenery, succumbing to every shift in current. Her bumpy, orange exterior within the deep greens and yellows is just a few numbers short of a box of crayons.

photos by Simone Pfirter

On land, the rock gets passed, two games with one, shot after shot, bouncing on a court of sand, the backboard made of wooden planks and a strong post bearing fruit. Sink enough shots and we may just have a post game snack fall into our hands, or maybe our head.

photos by Brandon Polack
photo by Magnus B.

Showing up today more times that I can count. Balance is key as is presence in the moment. Uneasiness comes when any single thought is allowed to stray and urgently catalyzes a meeting between my soles and the sand below. As an absolute beginner, my body is pushed to emotionally connect with failure, who some may call the devil, while I’m learning to see him as the friend you despise at first for saying all the things everyone else is afraid to, then realize he actually has your best interest in mind. Acutely concentrating on a single point meters ahead. Core tight. Breathe. Molecular juices begin to spurt through my veins as I feel myself nearing the completion of this small achievement brought forth by focus. I can do this.

This worldly sense of community is new for me, but I feel it’s growing potential and how necessary it is for the expansion of my soul. We all seem to be here for the same reason, smiling faces just joyful to be present with others.

The wind picks up with an intense, continuous blow. We are brought into the night with Brasilian songs accompanied by Viking beats on the tambor frío, the keeper of the cold, and backlit by a fiery dancer. Laughter ensues.

I feel the peace of just being, here, now, no past and no future, el aire libre to keep my body in it’s ideal state, a feeling I did not grow up to know. Pieces came together through curiosity to bring me this knowledge and growth. This is what many may call a vacation, while to me, it’s only an extension of the path to my highest self.

photo by Brandon Polack

*** Some friends and I will be assisting artist Susan Israel in the installation of her project “Rising Waters/Rising Tides”. “RW/RT” will label future flood and high tide water levels on land which is currently dry, on a few of the islands of San Blas. There are 365 islands in total which are projected to be completely submerged under water by year 2035. About 50 of these beautiful islands are home to the Guna Yala, indigenous peoples that have called this land Home for over 500 years. Click here for more on doing small things great to slow down our rising sea levels.