What do you wake up to everyday?

Its not easy waking up at 5' o clock to go to work out or going to school because you have no choice.One fault that is causing us to fail is because we are living lies and its very unfulfilling, you do something you don't wanna do all day long . We are supposed to do the things we are passionate about, the one that we love whole heartily.

The only true disability of life its your attitude. Start looking into the future, what do you want to do and who would like to be?.

Its not about who you have you’ll be able to reach that goal, that dream or that plan. You got you and God.

Learn to control your mind, don't let it control you. Remember there are many ways to get the things we want but basically it begins on how we choose to think. You got to give up that idea of trying but you got to commit mastering.

Have a mind that is opened to everything but attached to nothing.

Do what you can!

Learn from your experiences_ learning -its the beginning of wealth it is, the beginning of life change.

When you change the way you look at things, things you look at change.

In your mind, always be the best. Its not about how they think that will take you far but its all about how YOU think. You got to believe.

Wake up to reach your dreams. Dream as big as you want. Be patient. Commit to mastering. Remember greatness cannot be achieved without obsession.