“A very strange thought process you have young man, I pity you.
Jason Hutchens

No, I would not be afraid of sitting in the tree. I do not fear heights, I fly ultra light aircraft made of aluminum tubes wire and Dacron fabric.

Your responses show a lack of understanding of current federal law. Every buyer fills out a federal form 4473 this is called into and is checked by a federal national background data base (NICS). If you are not legally allowed to own a gun and you attempt to buy one you have committed a federal offense.

You can not buy a gun off the internet and have it delivered to your home unless you are a Federal Firearms License holder. If you buy a gun at say gunbroker.com you will need to have it shipped to a firearm license holder in your state and you will be ran through the federal background check system.

Several States have waiting periods; they have proven time and again to be a waste of time and has zero impact upon crime. The restrictions on handguns in California, New York and Illinois are onerous yet do nothing to reduce crime, they simply turn law abiding citizens into criminals.

I hate to bring up that pesky 2nd Amendment again but with over 40,000 laws restricting guns on the books now don’t you think its time to stop blaming the inanimate object and get to the crux of the matter messed up people.

Life has risk, freedom has risks the incidence of shootings by deranged people may be too high but you are many thousands of times more likely to be hit by lightening than involved in a mass shooting. Your experience is sad but only you can put it into a perspective and stop being a victim. This propensity for people to claim victimhood has gone off the deep end. Get over it, get up, dust yourself off and keep on truckin’, ya ain’t dead yet.

Now, the crux of the matter. Remove the mayhem in the (D) socialist anti-gun bastions of idiocy like Chicago, LA, St. Louis, Washington DC, Detroit and many other cesspools of (D) failure you see that shootings are rather rare. Many shootings are well justified, the average citizen protecting himself from attack.

I live in Meigs County Ohio, EVERYONE is armed to the freaking teeth, we hunt, shoot, target practice and collect firearms, it is our way of life. Shootings here are as rare as hens teeth. The Amish are well armed, do you ever hear of crimes by the Amish? I don’t want you to gloss over this paragraph. Read it and understand the difference is between people.

Shootings where guns are MOST prevalent are rare; yet in the cities where onerous laws make owing, possessing and shooting a gun a serious criminal offense shootings are an every day occurrence, up to 90 or so on a hot weekend. The difference is not the guns used, good people have the same guns as the criminals and we use them all the time for lawful purposes. It is the people, people with no education, felons mostly, living a failed victim culture, never trying to better themselves, blaming others for their failures that are the issue.

If you truly want to reduce violence in our cities and streets you must address the cause of the shootings, the people doing the shoting.

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